Interior Designing And Training

We believe, Interior Designing is the creative and effective enhancement of a space. With an accredited knowledge and education, interior designers are the creative planner and manager of such projects. Besides theoretical knowledge, our practical experience makes us a better interior designer. Experience makes an interior designer and design make him great. Efficient planning of space management, consulting colour and textile, understanding client’s behaviour- Likes and Dislikes are some our key jobs. We design a space that is practical for its purpose and visually pleasing. In this field of work, an interior designer cannot be dictator. Our aim is to overcoming the challenges satisfying our client’s needs.

Keeping all the important things in mind, We, I Design Perfect is planning to set up a training centre where one can learn all the practical aspects of interior designing. We will offer our trainees to work on our Live Projects and provide knowledge on different architectural/interior software like AutoCAD, 3D Max, Adobe Premier Pro and Photoshop. We will let them know about the basic business ethics which will help in handling clients and manage professional dealings. A chance to work with various architects and get trained under professionals. Providing them utmost knowledge on modular kitchen and experience the manufacturing process under world class machineries and software. We ensure trainees’ professional quality and provide in-house placement. One can earn while learning.

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