All About Modular Kitchen

Forget about the shabby and unorganised old kitchens. Modular kitchens are the most trending kitchen decor all over India as well as abroad.  Modular kitchens are usually made of modules or unit with pre made cabinets holding accessories in the form of wire baskets, carousels, adjustable shelves and pull-out units inside. Modular kitchen are planned in such a manner so that one can use every inch of space effectively. The main advantage of modular kitchen is that one can dismantle whole Kitchen, move it to a new apartment & Fix it again. It is easy to maintain, easy to clean.

I Design Perfect render World Class Kitchen solutions popularly known as FYD KITCHEN manufactured under German Machinery and software assuring the best quality kitchen in Guwahati, Assam also in the entire North-east region at a convincing range making it aesthetic and exceptional. We deliver both mid-range and premium kitchen as per your requirement. We use BWR Grade Plyboards (Boiled Water-Resistant). FYD Kitchen provide factory made aluminium profile shutters and aluminium glass shutter which are cut at an exact angle of 45 degree making a kitchen  strong and durable matching it with the global standards. We are the O.E.M (Original Equipment manufacturer) partner of Hettich, a German company, developing and producing a vast range of fittings – from drawer and runner systems to hinges, decorative handles as well as folding and sliding-door hardware. We also provide Semi Modular kitchen where the kitchen platform is made of cement with marble or granite counter top laid above. Usually, in most of the kitchen in India we find a slab which is made during the civil work and because of the existing platform, cabinets are installed foreseeing the size of the kitchen space.

Come experience with us the journey of Luxury. Plan your Kitchen now.